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medicine, wiping her face with a towel and so on.

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Before and after “doing things”, we must pay attention to cleanliness, especially to avoid having a relationship with pubic lice patients. Secondly, we should pay attention to personal hygiene, bathe frequently, change clothes frequently, do not share close-fitting clothes and towels with others, pay attention to washing and drying bedding, especially those who have pets at home, pay attention to the cleanliness of pet hair, if unfortunately infected, go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

medicine, wiping her face with a towel and so on.

1. Scene layout: 4 groups of floor mats are placed horizontally on the runway, 4 plastic pots filled with water are placed in front of the floor mats, towels are placed in front of the plastic basins equal to the number of children, 4 hammers and 4 drums are placed at the end point.

one? The mother explained the game situation to the child: if the child is sick, the mother will take care of it. Mother usually does these things, such as taking the temperature, covering the quilt, giving medicine, wiping her face with a towel and so on. So now that the mother is sick (pretending), such as dizziness, stomachache, cough, what can the child do?

5. Prevent burns and burns. First of all, teach children not to play with fire, find the fire and call the police or call for help in time. Call for help in time when you are at the scene of the fire, cover your face with wet towels and flee the fire quickly. You must not overexert yourself to participate in the fire fighting so as not to cause undue harm. The second is to ask parents not to let their children pour boiling water and stay away from high temperature sources.

medicine, wiping her face with a towel and so on.

On February 29, the production workshop of Longshan Food Company in the development zone was busy and orderly. Here, every raw material coming out of the warehouse should remove the outer package, wipe and disinfect with disinfection towels, disinfect eggs by purple light, soak and disinfect eggs, wipe and disinfect the tools used before production, and the production staff wash their hands once an hour. Disposable gloves and aprons are worn throughout the production process, and the products are packaged in a special disinfection room for ozone disinfection. This is only the control of the company in the production process, as well as safety management norms for personnel, public areas, as well as raw materials and packaging. “Food enterprises want to put food safety first, and in extraordinary times, we should strengthen management and, while fighting the epidemic, do a good job in food safety in a rigorous and down-to-earth manner, so that consumers can eat at ease, and we also feel at ease ourselves!” Bai Hongbin, the head of the company, said so.

4. The front windshield of the car has been damaged by sandpaper. The scratches on the glass can be repaired by woolen wheel polishing. The specific steps of using this method are as follows: material: polishing paste, wool wheel, water, towel, paintbrush to determine the areas that need to be repaired. Use diamond particles to grind scratches.

In order to rescue the stranded whales, rescuers from public security, fishing, fire and other departments carried them into dug puddles, wrapped in wet towels and watered to cool them down. Others brought in bamboo and plastic film to create a simple “sunshade” for whales. The rescue lasted more than eight hours, and people tried to take advantage of the high tide to send the whales back to the sea, but they were washed up on the beach.

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