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covered his head with a white towel and there was

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We were assigned to work in the enemy engineering section of the political department. Most of our troops are civilian staff who lack war experience. In order to prevent the loss of contact, the team marched one-way, each with a white towel on his back as a mark, before and after paging password, one after another. Among them, one or two of their myopic colleagues are a little older, and they have sent someone to help them walk. On a sunny day, sweat can only soak through the clothes inside; if it rains (by this time the weather has gradually turned warm and the snow turns into rain), it will be bitter. Sweat and Rain Water are wet all over the body, muddy all over the ground, and can only stand and rest on the way to rest.

3, rinse clean after the towel dry, but should pay attention to comb hair with massage comb must not gently knock, this will stimulate capillaries, but should gently press massage.

After making a saliva towel, we can use it as a saliva towel. Especially if there are children at home, the saliva towels are not easy to dry because of the wet weather, so we can use the saliva towels made of towels instead of the original saliva towels. This will save a lot of money, but also can block dirt and dust, and it is also very practical for us.

Treatment advice: a, see a doctor, say important things three times. Scarlet fever rash is not terrible, the most terrible are long-term complications, such as rheumatic fever, can cause heart valve disease, so early need to use antibiotics to kill pathogenic bacteria, the first choice of penicillin, oral choice of amoxicillin, and need to eat for 10 days. B, the child itches obviously, can use the lower temperature water immersion or the cold towel cold compress to relieve the itch feeling, the time is not more than 10 minutes. Remember not to use shower gel or soap to avoid aggravating irritation.

This month, we conscientiously do a good job in the cleaning and disinfection of towels, tables and chairs, teacups, toys and other items, do a good job in sanitary work every day, keep the classroom and dormitory clean and clean, and regularly carry out ultraviolet disinfection, window opening and ventilation. We instruct children to wash their hands before and after meals, maintain good personal hygiene, according to the characteristics of the season, do a good job in preventing hand, foot and mouth, and put an end to the occurrence and transmission of hand, foot and mouth disease.

At about 12:20 on December 9, 2021, the police of the third Squadron of the Fenyang Traffic Police Battalion stuck to the “student post” at the gate of Xihe Primary School as usual, maintained the traffic order at the school gate, and found a parent with a boy walking anxiously through the crowd. The boy covered his head with a white towel and there was blood on his clothes, as if he had been injured. The police immediately came forward to inquire. Learned that the child fell in the school caused an opening in the head and blood flow not only urgently needed to be sent to Fenyang Hospital for treatment, because the rush hour after school, the traffic flow along the road was large and slow, hoping for the help of the traffic police.

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