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according to the weather conditions, bring towel s and change clothes

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Strictly implement towels and other supplies and tools for one customer and one disinfection, staff must wear masks during operation to reduce unnecessary operations, avoid conversation and shorten operation time.

3. After carefully washing the hair is soaked, it is easy to hide germs, and the chlorine preparation in the pool water will directly damage the dry hair, resulting in withered and yellow hair, dry and astringent, so you must wash your hair carefully after swimming, and it is best to use conditioner to enhance protection. Some people do not use shampoo after swimming, just rinse with hot water or simply dry their hair with a towel, which will leave germs. If the scalp is damaged, the wound can be easily contaminated.

Answer: the disinfection work of each kindergarten is very critical. 14 days before the opening of the kindergarten, the environmental hygiene inside and outside the kindergarten will be cleaned every day. All areas of the kindergarten air, high-frequency contact table, floor, children play teaching aids, beds, tables and chairs, water cups, towels and so on to carry out comprehensive disinfection.

according to the weather conditions, bring towel s and change clothes

When you go to the seaside or outdoor water park, you must take adequate protective measures. It is best to avoid noon when the UV is strongest. You can choose to enter the water before 10:00 or after 5 p.m., and not play in the water for too long. Apply sunscreen half an hour in advance. If you need to be exposed to the sun for a long time, apply sunscreen every hour or two. If you find yourself sunburned, you can apply a cold compress with a wet towel first, and then apply MEBO; if the sunburn is serious, the skin is red and swollen, the burning sensation is obvious, and there are more blisters, you should go to the regular skin specialist to receive treatment.

Steam bathing basin is standard without thermal insulation cover plate, users can choose the thermal insulation cover plate or directly buy foot bath set, this time started with thermal insulation cover plate, moxa leaf herbal foot bath bag and towel.

It is worth noting that in addition to the good-looking picnic mat, it is recommended to prepare a moisture-proof pad, because the grass in the park in early autumn is still slightly damp. The weather is getting colder, the picnic had better bring your own hot water, large capacity and good thermal insulation of the kettle is necessary. Wet paper towels, paper towels and garbage bags are necessary. Remember to take your trash with you after the picnic. Finally, remember to invite a partner who can take pictures or drive a car, and the comfort of the picnic will be greatly improved.

according to the weather conditions, bring towel s and change clothes

After defining the escape route, with the parents shouting “fire”, the fire drill began. Under the guidance of their parents, the children covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, stooped down and quickly evacuated from home in accordance with the escape route, and began a home escape drill practice.

Take out the three beads, rinse them, dry them with a towel, put them on the table, take out the other things you bought, and put them on the table. I suddenly thought of something. I picked up my cell phone to take a picture and sent it to my friends in China.

One day, my little friend and I were having fun when suddenly my foot slipped, the skin on my foot was broken and there was blood. When my buddies saw this, they ran away without waiting for me to flatten my mouth. I thought to myself: ha! These so-called companions and friends do not help when they are in trouble. So I went home lame by myself. My mother was startled when she saw this. She ran into the bathroom, took out a towel, soaked it in hot water and applied it to my feet. Then, he found the potion, took off the towel, sprayed it on me, squatted down and gently blew my wound, and said sadly, “Why are you so careless? does it still hurt?”

according to the weather conditions, bring towel s and change clothes

3: parents are requested to dress their children according to the weather conditions, bring towels and change clothes before departure. Teach your children in advance to be safe, not to leave the activity site alone, not to play dangerous games.

“We arrived in Jinan safely and will soon be quarantined at the Arcadia International Hot Spring Hotel in Qihe County, Texas. I heard that in addition to drinking water, towels and other daily necessities, a set of special tableware has been prepared in the hotel room. During the isolation period, the hotel will put the food on the round table at the door on time, and the team members will eat in isolation in their own rooms.” At 05:35 in the afternoon, Wang Xigang, a respiratory doctor at Qixia traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, immediately sent back the news that he had landed safely.

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