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ear protection stickers, navel stickers, bath towel s, bath bags or

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5. Clean the cerumen before swimming and remove the water from the ear immediately after swimming. Be careful not to use your hands to pull out your ears. You can gently take a jiao with a soft towel to squeeze out the water, or use a soft cotton swab to get it out.

When the mother gives the child a bath, it is recommended to put the baby on the upper arm, soak most of the body into the basin, and then wash it with a small towel from the scalp, face, neck, torso, buttocks to the legs; be sure to clean the wrinkled parts when washing.

ear protection stickers, navel stickers, bath towel s, bath bags or

As a lesbian, Zhou Qing did not flinch in the face of the epidemic. Zhou Qing actively signed up to take part in the prevention and control of the epidemic. As a member of logistics support, she is careful to provide reasonable food for staff and spectators to meet the needs of various tastes; she is careful in the protection of protective materials, from medical supplies, protective clothing, goggles, masks, alcohol, disinfectant, to daily necessities towels, plastic bags, toothpaste, toothbrushes, as long as it is reasonable, she can try her best to meet the needs of people who keep opinions. She devoted herself to her work with “heart” and moved everyone with “affection” to create the most solid logistical support for retaining opinions.

Because there are no arms, Lu Dong can only use her teeth to bite the towel to complete the preparatory movements of the swimming competition, and reaching the finish line is also a challenge for her, because she can only hit the pool wall with her head. At the beginning, because she could not master the skill and rhythm, she often bumped into it directly. Later, although she became familiar with the practice and mastered the rhythm, she would still hit her head with all her strength in order to win the possible seconds. She said that although it hurts, it may be at that moment that the game is won or lost.

1. Fully equipped. In addition to bathing suits, goggles, swimming caps and other equipment, you must wear slippers in winter to avoid catching cold on the soles of your feet, and bring bath towels or towels to keep warm in the middle or after bathing. In addition, the swimming pool has high room temperature and high humidity, so it is recommended to wear clothes that are relatively simple, easy to wear and keep warm, so as to change clothes.

The mesh design of these bags is another feature that sets them apart from traditional beach totes. Made from high-quality, breathable material, the mesh allows sand to effortlessly sift through, preventing it from accumulating at the bottom of your bag. This innovative design also ensures that any wet items, such as bathing suits or towels, can quickly dry out, eliminating the risk of a musty odor or mildew formation.

The self-made equipment escape mall (bazaar) is a place where materials are highly concentrated and there are many kinds of goods. after a fire, there are more materials available for escape. For example, if you soak the towel mask and cover your mouth and nose, you can make a smoke prevention tool; use rope cloth, bed sheets, carpet curtains to open up a means of escape.

ear protection stickers, navel stickers, bath towel s, bath bags or

The reason why the electric towel rack is widely praised, its heating function can not be ignored. At present, it is not available for the time being in summer, and you will be able to feel it in winter. The bathroom itself is small and can be opened when taking a bath, which can heat up quickly, keep the bathroom warm and avoid cold waves.

Empty refrigerator, put a few bowls of hot water, the use of water vapor emitted by hot water can also achieve the effect of melting frost quickly. Pay attention to the hot water temperature should not be too high, so as not to burn the refrigerator. About 60 degrees Celsius hot water is more appropriate, it is best to pad on the bottom of the bowl a towel with good water absorption, has the effect of thermal insulation. In just a few minutes, the thick ice in the refrigerator will melt quickly and will soon crackle down.

In addition to bacteria, colds are also a big problem to pay attention to after swimming, so it is especially recommended that dogs wipe clean with a large water-absorbing towel immediately after landing and suck up the water dry. If there are conditions, it is best to blow it with a wind tube, especially some dogs with long hair, should pay more attention to the problem of catching a cold. After landing, pay attention to its body temperature, if there is a sharp rise, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is feverish.

Second, the supplies are clean. Try to use disposable swimming products, such as ear protection stickers, navel stickers, bath towels, bath bags or bath films, swimming diapers, etc., while baby swimming rings, swimming pools, bathtubs, towels and toys should be sterilized to avoid infection between babies.

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