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hair, wrap the hair in a towel and gently press

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Do not directly use the hair dryer when dry hair, should thoroughly wash the hair, wrap the hair in a towel and gently press until the hair is no longer dripping, and then blow with the hairdryer.

Specific meaning: infected people do not wash their hands or pick their buttocks and put them on clothes, food, door handles, towels and other things, or their stools are brushed toilets, farm manure, etc., and other things, others eat contaminated food or touch the above contaminated items after eating hands, making food, touching food utensils and other ways to eat into the mouth, it is possible to be infected.

With the emergency alarm sounded, all the teachers and children were in position and ready according to the kindergarten exercise plan. The teachers of each class quickly instructed the children to cover their mouth and nose with wet towels to prevent the invasion of smoke and evacuate to the safe area in an orderly manner.

hair, wrap the hair in a towel and gently press

In the hand-washing area, children are specially guided to wash their hands and give warm tips: wash their hands first and then have a morning check. Recently, it is a critical period for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Kindergartens should be equipped with perfect mobile water facilities for hand washing and equipped with hand washing items: hand sanitizer, hand towels, etc., which are neatly arranged for children to take.

Correct use of conditioner: after using shampoo, wipe your hair with a towel until it is semi-dry, then apply the conditioner close to the tail of your hair and wait patiently for a period of time to rinse.

Before going to the swimming pool, check the necessary items, such as towels, skin care products, replacement clothes, diapers, floating toys, and disinfectants that care for the umbilical cord if necessary.

hair, wrap the hair in a towel and gently press

If careful netizens open the official website of the local market supervision administration or inquire about the relevant reports, they can find that many quality supervision bureaus or relevant inspection institutions are doing spot checks on towel products. Although the research areas are different, it is amazing that many of the problems exposed in the spot check reports in many places are the same, so which are the common problems in quality assessment?

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