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their mouths and noses with wet towel s and evacuated to

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The charge for maternal and child care in Jiutai Automobile Factory is also necessary for new mothers with long hair to wash their hair after delivery. It is worth paying attention to the opening of the scalp to avoid infection. Dry towels or natural drying should be used after shampoo, and it is strictly forbidden to use a hair dryer on the scalp.

I know very well that conservation is an important part of preschool education. I carried out my work seriously, and when I picked up in the morning, I took the initiative to touch their heads with my hands. As soon as I found that the children were not feeling well, I immediately made a record and dealt with them with their parents in time. After the activity, urge the children to drink more boiled water and urge the sweaty children to change their T-shirts or towels. When taking a nap, teach children to add and reduce their clothes properly according to the changes of the weather. Make a good inspection during the nap. Do a good job in classroom cleaning and hygiene every day to ensure the healthy growth of young children. To do a good job in safety education, there has been no accident of safety responsibility since teaching.

After receiving the report of being trapped, the fire control room immediately contacted the Caohejing fire squadron, and four heavily armed firefighters quickly arrived at the scene. After learning about the fire situation and the situation of the personnel trapped, they immediately investigated the fire scene and quickly launched a rescue operation. At the same time, the hospital immediately activated the unit emergency plan, and under the guidance of medical and security personnel, other personnel in the building covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and evacuated to safety according to the established route in less than five minutes.

“wet drive”! After the towel is drenched, the water flows downwards. naturally, the upper part dries first, but the lower part is wetter. Coupled with the weather, it will slowly freeze over a long time.

3. With squatting toilets, our bodies do not need to be in direct contact with toilet utensils, which is safer and more hygienic. And the use of the toilet, even after flushing clean, in fact, there are still a lot of bacteria hidden on the inner wall of the toilet, now most families, toilet, wash, shower are carried out in the toilet, driven by the air, these bacteria will also fall on the walls and toothbrushes, toothcups, towels and so on.

their mouths and noses with wet towel s and evacuated to

Hongkou high-end babysitter aunt expenses, nanny sister-in-law and use towels to wrap the hot water bag, to avoid the accumulated heat of the child. 4. Emergency treatment ■ do not rush to take off your clothes, first of all, you should immediately rinse with cold water, the length of time is determined according to the situation at that time, slightly with cold water for a short time, heavy with cold water for a long time. Then slowly see the situation and gently take off your clothes.

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